Puerto Vallarta has Exceeded its Expectations in the Holiday Period

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surpassed-expectationsTwo weeks after the end of the summer holiday period, Puerto Vallarta has exceeded expectations both in hotel occupancy and in economic benefit, said Carlos Gerard Guzman, municipal tourism director.

In this respect, he explained that not only the goals set before the holiday season of the school year were met but they were surpassed, considering that the scheduled occupancy was only of 80 percent and that, based on the existing reservations for this holiday period, up to now they have reported between 90 and 100 percent.

Which he asserted is certainly favorable for the destination as he remembered that when a hotel registers these occupancy rates, not only the establishment benefits but also shops, restaurants, bars and service providers in the destiny, who make a living thanks to the presence of tourists.

In this regard, he noted that according to information provided by Saul Lopez, vice president of the Association of Small Vessels, last week there was an occupancy that was superior to those presented even at Easter, this is between 700 and 2000 passengers daily.

"In 2012 the boats moved about 500 thousand tourists and this means 15 percent of all tourists who visit Puerto Vallarta, be it air, land or sea, and this is a good number because it means that both domestic and foreign tourists come and participate in all of the activities there is to do".

As for land tours, he said there are about 400 thousand tourists who access them by year and from January to June 30th of this year there are already 253 thousand people.

At the same time, he said, they will be negotiating with the neighboring town of Cabo Corrientes with which the bay is shared. This is due to that tourists also visit its beaches, among others, Las Animas, Quimixto Majahuitas and Yelapa, which can only be accessed via a small boat.

"It is very important to maintain communication with them, along with a joint promotion, for when the tourist lives a positive or negative experience, they don't say that it happened in Yelapa in the X service provider company, but instead they say that it happened in Vallarta, and thus it is vital to maintain a constant communication with them. "

In this context, in relation to the economic flow that this summer holiday period has represented, Gerard Guzman noted that next week there will be a decline of tourists in the destination and there will be hotel occupations of 70 percent and others will decrease to 50 percentage points.

However, he asserted that certainly the economic flow of a billion of pesos that was projected there would be in Puerto Vallarta was surpassed, which he insisted, "is made ​​based on an average occupancy of 80 percent and this figure was also exceeded".

Thus he clarified that if you take into account that there are about 23 thousand rooms in Puerto Vallarta and there are 18 thousand rooms occupied per day on average , with three people in each, and with an approximate value of 2 thousand 500 pesos, ie 750 pesos per night and an average spending per person, per day, of 650 pesos.

Finally on whether there was the presence of tourism of high affluence, the director of municipal tourism said that it is difficult to measure, although he noted that the hotels that recorded the highest occupancies were those of five stars and great tourism, and that it was a favorable indicator that the rates weren't low.

[readon1 url="http://notivallarta.com/2013/08/05/puerto-vallarta-ha-superado-las-expectativas-en-este-periodo-vacacional/"]Source: NotiVallarta Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]

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