Puerto Vallarta Obtains Historic Apportionment of Local Tax

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0081“Most likely 2015 will be the best year in Puerto Vallarta’s history, we are working towards reaching that goal”, expressed the director of Turismo Municipal.

During the winter season, above all during the last three weeks of December, we exceeded our expectations as far as the influx of tourists is concerned. There was a 12 % growth in comparison to the 2013 vacation period, which left an apportionment of local tax superior to the one thousand millions pesos, said Carlos Gerard, director of tourism.

“Yes, we reached our expectations with a growth of more than 12% in comparison to the year 2013, and we closed that year with five more points than 2012; this is due to a very important factor: Puerto Vallarta sharing the campaign with Nayarit at the three government levels and the trust and OCV of both municipalities” highlighted the public official.

More than thirteen million dollars were invested in 2013, while in 2014 twelve million dollars were used for promotion. We will continue joining forces in the advertising campaign.

Out of the total number of tourist that visited Puerto Vallarta, Carlos Gerard said: “I dare to s a y that 50 % were national and 50 % foreigners. Our common market are the national tourists that come from Guadalajara, Leon, Aguascalientes, the bajio area, Mexico City and Monterrey, among others; but what helped to be 50/50 is the extreme cold weather in Canada and in the north of United States, reason why people come here to enjoy the nice warm weather”.

He also said that hotels were full to capacity and that it is very possible that 2015 would be the best year in Puerto Vallarta history. That’s what we expect due to the hard of work of Ramon Guerrero Martinez, head of the municipal government, and of the people in charge of tourism.

“Hotels were one hundred percent full, which is the same as saying that more than 22 thousand hotel rooms were occupied; something that we saw coming….”

He also said that it is important that taxi drivers, tourist guides, restaurant owners, waiters and waitresses, business man and everyone in direct contact with tourists, treat them well and offer them quality service with the enthusiasm and warmness which is the feature of this tourist destination.



[readon1 url="http://www.noticiaspv.com/logra-puerto-vallarta-derrama-historica-por-mas-de-mil-mdp/"]Source: www.noticiaspv.com - Translated by MAR Translation Services[/readon1]

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