Puerto Vallarta’s Medical Tourism is booming

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PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico –Puerto Vallarta’s Medical Tourism is booming, especially since now, surgeries are being performed, at the same price if not lower than those same surgeries being performed in the border towns of Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta has so much to offer patients looking for medical tourism. With over 5 major state of the art hospitals, and teams of doctors performing surgeries on patients travelling from all over the world, Mexico has decided to develop Puerto Vallarta into its Medical Tourism destination.

Patients for years have been travelling to the border to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Plastic Surgery or Dental work done because the prices have been much less than in the USA or Canada. Now Puerto Vallarta has one doctor, Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo and his medical practice Weight Loss Team http://www.weightlossteam.com (http://www.weightlossteam.com) offering the gastric sleeve surgery for $4500us. This amount is the same if not lower than many doctors in the border towns.

Dental work in Puerto Vallarta also can be found for up to 75% off the prices found in the USA or Canada.

Puerto Vallarta is a fine destination for plastic surgery as well, as typically the prices are 60% lower than those in the USA or Canada and the patient ends up enjoying a 2 week vacation taking in the wonderful sights of Puerto Vallarta, like Los Arcos, or Las Islas Marietas, or just relaxing on one of Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful beaches while recovering from their procedure.

Nothing helps a healthy recovery better than a beautiful sunset with a pirate ship in the background. The infrastructure in Puerto Vallarta has been adapted for medical tourism.

The great hospitals exist because of the number of surgeries performed each year.

CMQ Premiere, Medica Ebor Hospital, San Javier Hospital, Medasist Hospital and Amerimed Hospital are leading the way in providing great care for a large number of patients seeking bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, dental work, and even arthroscopic procedures including hip and knee replacements.

The doctors are very well trained, most have studied or trained in the USA or abroad, and some have even trained US doctors. The hotels in Puerto Vallarta are sitting on the strand of beaches in the Bay of Banderas.

These 4 and 5 star hotels help provide a relaxing environment for the patients recovery. A typical medical tourism trip involves the patient flying directly into the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, and being welcomed by a driver who then takes the patient to the beach resort the day before surgery.

The next day the patient typically has the tests done, and sometimes surgery is performed that very day.

Once released from the hospital, the patient typically will go back to the beach resort for a recovery period taking in the sounds of the ocean, the breeze and the wonderful sunsets… Once cleared and released the patient will then go home. The City of Puerto Vallarta makes the medical tourism vacation a safe and pleasant experience.

Puerto Vallarta is known as the friendliest city in the world, and together, the doctors, hospitals and hotels make Puerto Vallarta the ideal choice for a medical tourism vacation.

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