Recommendations on How to Use The Aguinaldo

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aguinaldo1Since investing in a savings account, pay off a loan, give the hook to pay for a car or a vacation, are some recommendations that the Federal (CJF) promotes among Mexicans.

In this holiday season, the Office also suggests identify needs, plan, make a spending plan, compare prices and make the best buy

A useful option is to use the bonus to pay off or pay for any outstanding credit that was acquired during the year, since its settlement potential to not only save interest charges but also, be confident and begin paying off debts new year with a "clean slate" in personal finance.

Use the provision to meet the needs that are in the home, family and personal way, is another way of giving proper use, allowing purchase durable goods (furniture, appliances or clothing), health or educational services, which ensure years of satisfaction and improve the quality of life of people, stated in the Journal article.

Use a hand or, if necessary, the total of the benefit to the maintenance, improvement or renewal of household furniture, also represents a good investment for painting walls, fixing the electrical, water leaks or waterproof the roof housing, represents an investment in security, peace and tranquility of the family.

[readon1 url="http://www.prensaglobal.com/notas/32838.html"]Source:www.prensaglobal.com - Translation by Suyapa Ajuria [/readon1]

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