Riviera Nayarit, Leading Destination in Growth and Occupation

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tourism-growthWith an investment of 21.26 million dollars by the federal government in the CIP’s of Fonatur during this year, as well as with the new developments that are in construction not only in Nuevo Vallarta but in all of the Riviera Nayarit; the destination occupies the first place in the nation in collection and investment in tourism during the First Trimester of 2013.

Riviera Nayarit, the destination with more than 300 kilometers of coast in the Mexican Pacific, continues generating significant investments with the construction of more than 10 tourism projects in development. The national and international destination attracts hotel groups which contribute to the growth of the destination in regards to touristic offers, but which also allow it to have a privileged leadership position in regards to occupation during the last years.

As it was recently informed by the System of Statistics DATATUR which depends of the Federal Ministry of Tourism; from 2011 to the present day, the beach destination which has registered the greatest percent increase in regards to infrastructure is Nuevo Vallarta in the Riviera Nayarit.

Based on the average number of available rooms which make up the tourism offer, the estimated growth of Nuevo Vallarta from 2011 up to May of 2013, has been of 26.9%; that is to say that of the 5,988 available rooms in 2011, the figure has already increased to 7,597.

In the section related to the average number of occupied rooms, Nuevo Vallarta also leads this national list according to figures provided by Datatur. From an average of 2,659 rooms occupied in 2011, this destination inside the Riviera Nayarit recorded an increase of 53.7% with an average of 4,087 occupied rooms. The destinations of Cancun (37.9%) and Playas de Rosarito (24.2%) are the destinations that follow in the rankings.

The Office of Visitors and Conventions of the Riviera Nayarit considers that these new investments are also the result of the intense touristic promotion made since the launch of the brand, which has allowed to drive and position the destination within the preference of national and international travelers.

"The job of promoting Riviera Nayarit will continue with the same intensity as it will have to show the new alternatives and offers that this growth in hotel infrastructure will bring to the destination and to those who visit. One factor that undoubtedly also motivates investment in the state, is the realization of events of great prestige and international presence, such as Sport Fishing Tournaments, Mexico Cup Regatta, the Tianguis Turistico 2012, food festivals, golf tournaments, cultural and artistic events, among others, by enabling us to expose the multifaceted range of places inside the Riviera Nayarit for all visitors, "said Marc Murphy, CEO of the CVB Riviera Nayarit.

[readon1 url="http://notivallarta.com/2013/06/20/riviera-nayarit-destino-lider-en-crecimiento-y-ocupacion/"]Source: NotiVallarta Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]

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