Satellite Launches Bicentennial Mexico

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mexicosateliteAccording to the Mexican government bicentennial satellite will also contribute to "E-Government", ensuring that each municipal throughout the country will have extensive coverage in telecommunications. Also help provide financial and banking services in remote communities and network administration for payroll and inventory management of federal institutions.

Orbital and Boeing are the companies behind the development of the satellite will be operational in full in mid-January 2013. This will join the project that seeks to rebuild Mexsat a satellite network that can be controlled by the Mexican government to ensure coverage throughout Mexico, as Mexico now has four satellites operated by private companies: the "Solidaridad 2" , "Satmex 5" and "Satmex 6" and "QuetzSat 1".
Bicentennial Satellite Data sheet:

    Owner: Mexsat.
    Manufacturer: Orbital Sciences Corporation.
    Satellite Type: Fixed Communications.
    Release Date: December 19, 2012.
    Launch vehicle: Ariane 5
    Site: Kourou Spaceport.
    Lifespan: 15 years.
    Application: Communications.
    Weight: 2,900 kg
    Power: 3.5 kW
    Type of orbit: 114.9 ° West.
    Transponder 12 C-Band, Ku Band 12
    Spectral bands: C-Band and Ku Band

Other satellites planned to join the network are the Morelos Mexsat 3 and Centennial, all will be operated in the Control Center and Satellite Monitoring Mexicano, inaugurated by President Felipe Calderon last November.

Admission Bicentenario Mexico Launches Satellite (MEXSAT 3) appears first in ALT1040 .
Mexico has a satellite more, that would benefit the most remote areas of the country will improve satellite telephone systems, Internet, telemedicine systems and which can improve communication in emergencies.

Three of the afternoon with 49 minutes, launch pad, Kourou, French Guiana.

The Ariane 5 rocket, the only commercial satellite launcher capable of carrying simultaneously two satellites into space.

Literally the Ariane 5 carrying two passengers, the satellite Mexsat government Bicentennial of Mexico and the Skynet 5D British defense ministry.

After the main engine burn, burned the two rocket boosters that made the takeoff at the appointed time.

Everything is handled by the control station from the building in the center of Jupiter launch from Kourou, French Guiana and the computers onboard the aircraft.

The rocket took about 9 minutes off and go into orbit, carrying a speed of about 9000 411 meters per second to reach an altitude of 584.7 kilometers.

The Ariane 5 rocket, carrying a weight of 735 kilos 7000 corresponding to the two satellites.

At 4:16, the Ariane 5, released the British satellite and four in the afternoon with 23 minutes Mexsat Bicentennial was released.

The main body of the rocket Ariane 5, after serving his mission fell on the coast of Africa in the Gulf of Guinea.

This satellite will provide emergency care, to prevent any weather event like a hurricane or an earthquake occurs and when phone systems are interrupted.

"The satellite will also allow us Bicentennial, bring the internet and other services for voice, data and image in broadband communities it is not possible to link the other way than satellite technology and expand coverage of health services and educating the population in marginal conditions, "said Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Secretary of Communications and Transport.

The Bicentennial Satmex will be operated from two satellite control centers, one located in Mexico City and one in Hermosillo, Sonora.

It has prepared a group of engineers from universities and colleges in the country, trained in the operation and control satellite, which operate continuously in receipt of national security data.

The bicentennial fully operational in mid-January 2013, is the first of three satellites that will make up the Mexican satellite system, between 2013 and 2014 will be released two more.

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