Seapal will give full transparency to the north central collector works

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social-audit-comitteeWith a clear interest of transparency and to monitor the correct application of the proceeds of the Water Supply and Sewerage in Urban Areas (APAZU) in the rehabilitation of the North Central Manifold in its third phase, on Wednesday the Social Audit Committee APAZU 2013 SEAPAL was constituted.

César Abarca Gutiérrez, director of Seapal Vallarta, reported this and said that the intention is to seek that the citizenship, through this committee, assists in monitoring tasks through site visits, and validates that the money allocated for this purpose is exercised properly. He noted that in addition to monitoring activities, the committee shall maintain a record of the work carried out, prepare a report of the findings and receives complaints and reports on the application of resources.

He recalled that the Audit Office is an entity created nearly two decades ago, which aims to regulate citizens applying for resources through federal programs. He said that the committee began a series of commitments to provide and disseminate information on the work of other bodies, confirm the exercise of public resources for the work, double check that it meets the established performance deadline and avoid that this program is used for other purposes. "The formation of this committee, is a requirement that all organizations or institutions implementing federal resources must meet to do work or programs; it is indicated and required by the regulations of the Secretary of the Civil Service", emphasized Abarca Gutiérrez. He voiced that meeting these guidelines, is part of the vision of Vallarta Seapal to produce works of quality and at the same time use this so that people help to oversee these works. "We must make the works and apply resources in the best way.

The Audit Office at the same time will help us monitor the progress of the work; the programs of physical and financial progress will be reviewed. Obviously we will be accepting criticism and complaints that citizens can make us", underlined the director of SEAPAL. He said that SEAPAL has a Site Supervision Department, under the command of Alexander Padilla Viorato, and that the members of this committee will be important allies in what the current administration intends to achieve: "works of quality and transparency so that the public is aware of what the parastatal is doing to benefit the city".

Priority for Seapal.

He said that he was motivated by the interest and participation shown by the people who make up the committee. He noted that the rehabilitation of the North Central Manifold in its third phase, which includes the stretch of Mexico-Mojoneras Avenue, between the avenues Los Poetas and Las Palmas, is a priority of care for Seapal Vallarta and will start in the coming weeks to finalize before the next December 31st.

Lizette de Alba Cervantes, student of Civil Engineering at the Centro Universitario de la Costa of the University of Guadalajara, said that to be part of this committee is an important challenge. "I appreciate it very much and thank Seapal for taking into account the students for being part of this audit office, I agree to comply with my activities and obligations that we acquired. Tell society that we will be aware of every step of this project and that we will be telling everyone about it". The Social Audit Committee APAZU 2013 SEAPAL, is integrated by Oscar Solís Trujillo, Lizette de Alba Cervantes, Diego Joaquín Robles Meza, Juan Carlos Santos Esparza, Isela Martínez Ortiz and Juan José Gómez Martínez.


[readon1 url="http://vallartaopina.net/2013/09/05/dara-seapal-total-transparencia-a-obras-del-colector-centro-norte"]Source: Vallarta Opina Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]

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