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promotion-in-south-americaThe hoteliers caravan that traveled to South America to promote Puerto Vallarta returned yesterday. This trip was sponsored by the Association of Hotels of Puerto Vallarta and the Fidetur with the idea of presenting to the market of the Southern Cone the tourist offer of Puerto Vallarta. It was 10 days of intense promotion in the cities of Bogota, Colombia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Santiago, capital of Chile.

The first part was about training retail travel agents about the destination, pointing out features of the area, location, climate, beauty, entertainment, and closing with a conclusion of why Vallarta is a wonderful destination in the Pacific of Mexico.

Afterwards, in each city, sessions were held of what is called "hard sell" in the presence of each of the most prominent tour operators in the country and specifically private negotiations took place in the hotel, highlighting the diversity of the hotel offer of Vallarta, both in price and by geographical location.

According to the reports, there is an active market for Mexico, to date being mainly for Mexico City and Cancún, and now the intention is to divert part of that flow to Vallarta.

During the trip an important arrangement was made with Aeromexico to equalize the rates from South America to Vallarta to the ones to Cancún. Until last week the cost to go to Cancun was markedly preferred to one there was for our destination, but through negotiations with Aeromexico the rates were matched, which is considered a major breakthrough in connectivity from South America to Vallarta.

Daily sessions were held first with retailers, then with wholesalers and in the end a program that included daily interviews in the press, radio, specialized magazines in tourism and digital media. This was in order to provide information to the public.


In Bogota, training: 63 travel agents; sales blitz: 8 wholesale operators (All Travel, Aviatur, Cielos Abiertos, Solways, Travel Depot, Viajes Los Nómadas, Pelícanos, Viajes Falabella.

In Sao Paulo, training: 82 travel agents; sales blitz: 6 wholesale operators (Agaxtur, Flot, MMT Gap Net, Nascimento, New Age, Visual tours).

In Buenos Aires, training: 96 travel agents; sales blitz: 7 wholesale operators (Eurovips, Logan Travel, Organización Piamonte, American Executive, Soles viajes, Leisure Express, Blacktours).

In Santiago de Chile, training: 59 travel agents; sales blitz: 5 wholesale operators (Vía Club, Euroandino, Viajes Falabella, Panamericana Turismo y Repse).

During this week of promotion, 300 retail travel agents, 26 tour operators and various media outlets, the most important in each country, were connected and trained. Also the directors of the Trust had interviews with officials of Aerolíneas Argentinas and Copa Airlines, seeking greater frequency of flights and also negotiating aircraft charters in combination with groups of tour operators.

It was an intense day that was attended by Nacho Cadena, president of the Hotel Association of Puerto Vallarta, Marcelo Alcaraz, Chairman of the Marketing Trust Subcommittee; and for the Association of Hotels: Francisco Rangel, hotel manager of Fiesta Americana, Luis Rodríguez, of Holiday Inn, Rodolfo Munguía, representing Velas Vallarta and Casa Velas, Rosalía Delgado, sales director of Sheraton Buganvilias; Ramón Rabelo, of the AM Resort group; José García, of the Alamandas, and in each city they were joined by the hotel representatives of Meliá and Barceló. Of course the president of the Trust, Guillermo Ohem, who coordinated the meetings and Norma Furloung, president of the travel agencies.


[readon1 url="http://vallartaopina.net/2013/10/11/fuerte-promocion-en-sudamerica-2/"]Source: Vallarta Opina Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]

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