Take Your Precautions When Choosing Where to Stay

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arealestateIf you are looking for accommodation for holidays year-end resort somewhere in the country, be careful, you could be a victim of fraud.

This is the case of a group of friends who found a property on the Internet and once the advance deposit made knew nothing more of course lessor.

"We were a group of friends for a 10 day vacation. Wanted to go to Playa Diamante and one of the options that appear on these websites was in Playa Diamante, Tikal Mayan," said one of the victims of fraud.

So I contacted the owner and maintained via telephone and email.

"It seemed like a serious people. Ordered IFE, sent copies of proof of birth, saying, flaunting as owner of the property," added the victim of fraud.

Once the advance payment made to Roberto Alvarez Mayorga, using this subject identity, began irregularities.

"Six thousand dollars were deposited. We began to realize that it would not proceed income, since it n sent back the signed contract," said the victim of fraud.

"We arrived at the Mayan and send an alert to this guy. Contacting us, we say that already arrived and he tells us that he is not, who is in the stands. Finally never appeared," he added.

They went to the hotel management to discuss what had happened.

"They had full knowledge that these people had a modus operandi and continually are cheating people," said the victim of fraud.

The affected filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Guerrero , but they found a difficulty.

"The prosecution of Guerrero stressed I would not proceed to the criminal complaint for fraud, because it was the territorial jurisdiction where the crime was committed," he added.

In various web forums are complaints concerning the same subject.

"If you Czech internet, are doing in Puerto Vallarta, they are doing in Valle de Bravo, what are you doing in Cancun," said the victim of fraud.

The subject has a voter registration card and proof of light corresponding to the address of each property it advertises. His modus operandi is always the same.

FOROtv had telephone contact with this guy.

"I send my IFE and proof of address to my name, proof of birth to my name, department and a contract and I'm sending you've deposited scanned, signed and scanned," the scammer.

Then they requested a deposit to bank accounts that were sent in the mail. The amount payable is usually equivalent to half the amount of the stay.

"For me, to separate it with 50 percent and 50 percent until you reach" added the fraudster.

In the case of Acapulco, this subject indicates that the key handover will be made upon receipt of the difference.

"Now when you get to Acapulco, and call me when you're in the last booth and see you at the main entrance to the Mayan Palace," the fraudster.

The Mayan Palace and websites that specialize in real estate disclaim the purpose of these fraudulent ads. Only some recommendations to avoid being scammed.

The affected ask others who report fraud victims.

"I, the recommendation I make is that people have to go to the Attorney denounce what is happening. If we do not, in any way, we are a little complicit" concluded the victim of fraud.

[readon1 url="http://noticierostelevisa.esmas.com/especiales/534517/fraude-inmobiliario/"]Source:noticierostelevisa.esmas.com-Translation by Suyapa Ajuria  [/readon1]

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