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tequilaDiscover real Mexican traditions at our Tequila Tour. The Leyva family will personally take you through the cooking, fermenting, distilling and aging process of the Blue Agave.

Then sit back and sample our different grades of Tequila and delicious Tequila liquors (almond, coffee, and mandarin).

The Leyva family welcomes you to the first Tequila factory in the Bay of Banderas.
At our Tequila Distillery, the key factors of our tequila are the flavor and aroma of the blue agave.
Discovered by the natives and later perfected by Spaniards, the origin is uncontested of what has since become famous the world over: Tequila.

Don't miss the opportunity to live the experience; smell, taste, see and feel the artisan process that takes place in our distillery, giving life to white, aged and vintaged Tequila.

We offer Tequila Tours at our three Tequila Factories:  Mezcales, Nayarit, Mismaloya, just south of Puerto Vallarta and San Sebastian, Mascota, Jalico.

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