The 2nd tunnel of the bypass was reopened last night

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second-tunnel-bypass-reopenedThe illumination is working at one hundred percent, the air extractors work adequately and the correct signage is in place

After confirming that the works in the second tunnel were concluded and that the infrastructure is apt for its use, the night of this Wednesday, municipal authorities opened the traffic circulation in this freeway section.

The deputy director of Traffic, Jesús José Rodríguez Campoy, the coordinator of Civil Protection and Firefighters, Sergio Ramírez López and the general director of Infrastructure and Services, Oscar Delgado Chávez, were in charge of reopening the circulation of this road, in which they also ascertained, that the illumination is working at one hundred percent, the air extractors work adequately and the correct traffic signage is in place, which was taken care of by the under management of Traffic.

In the area several traffic elements were installed to guide the motorists in both tunnels and avoid car accidents.

This operative by the traffic police will continue all night and tomorrow Thursday to drive the vehicular traffic.


It should be recalled that it was on the past January 6th when the second tunnel was opened to circulation but had to be closed in July due to the strong rains which damaged it. It was an investment of more than 175 million pesos, resources that were labeled since the three year term of Javier Bravo Carbajal and continued with Salvador González Reséndiz. The work initiated around February of 2010.

The tunnel has a length of 490 meters, in addition to a drainage system, through which the filtering of the fluids of the natural aquifers of the hill to this road will be avoided, as happened to the previous tunnel before this system had been applied to it.

It was the past July 11th when the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) and the City Council of Puerto Vallarta closed the circulation in the second freeway tunnel so that the construction company Omega of Mexico, could repair the damages to the coating caused by the rains of the past weekend, the illumination and the placing of extractors, which required an investment of 40 million pesos.

In his turn, the director of Infrastructure and Services of the municipality, Óscar Delgado Chávez, explained that the decision was taken after the supervision made on the project from the SCT, representatives of the construction company and the City Council; who confirmed the damage on the concrete coating in consequence of the water accumulation and saturation of materials at the top of the tunnel, on the entry from north to south; which caused the split of the shell, as a result of the recent rains.

Also in that occasion, the municipal civil servant clarified that the tunnel does not present structural damage, for which there are no greater risks in the zone and the repair works initiated, which concluded a few days ago so that the tunnel could be reopened to vehicular circulation last night, five months after its initial delivery.

The data

The illumination works and the placing of the extractors had an investment of 40 million pesos.


[readon1 url="http://vallartaopina.net/2013/12/19/reabrieron-anoche-el-2o-tunel-del-libramiento/"]Source: Vallarta Opina Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]

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