The experiences of Latin America in trade are analyzed

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congress-latin-american-tradeThe work is carried out in the framework of the XIV Latin American Congress of the organism which brings together faculties, schools and institutes of law in Latin America

Law experts from across the continent have gathered in Puerto Vallarta for three days to discuss the state of international trade in the American continent, in the XIV Latin American Congress of the Association of Faculties, Schools and Institutes of Law in Latin America (Afeidal).
The central theme that brings together hundreds of experts in the field is "Teaching and Research of International Trade: Latin American experiences of trade integration, a way for development", according to the technical coordinator of the conference, José Rodolfo Chávez de los Ríos.
He explained that the event, which takes place at the Marriot Hotel, is organized by the Union of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean and the Afeidal, having as a host the University of Guadalajara through the Centro Universitario de la Costa; the intention is to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience and help strengthen the education of future practitioners in the continent, as more efficient executors of legal systems.

Experts analyze since yesterday the strengths and weaknesses of the phenomenon of globalization, the study and research of the right to integration, the analysis of free trade areas in Latin America and the development of common markets in the continent.
The president of the Afeidal and professor of the Faculty of Law at the UNAM, Máximo Carvajal Contreras explained that in the congress there is the participation of the national association presidents, rectors, deans, directors and department heads of colleges, law schools and legal research institutes of the continent affiliated to Afeidal.
The organizer said that the dynamics of the meeting consists of presentations and discussion in 4 working groups to exchange views from the speakers, plus a table is opened exclusively for the presentation of scholarly books, academic papers and conferences.
He further stated that the aims of the association are scientific, cultural and educational, and to promote mutual cooperation among its members, with the primary purpose of improving the quality of legal education and research in Law.
It is expected that by the end of the day of presentations on Saturday, the text of the Declaration of Puerto Vallarta is written, condensing the findings of the focal point of the debate.
The event was attended by Dr. Rodolfo Chávez, Mr. Minerva Partida (of Tepic), Héctor Aqueche (of the Universidad de San Carlos of Guatemala), Margarito Ortega (Universidad Ixtlahuaca of Mexico), Mr. Emilia Morelos (of Tepic), Dr. Máximo Carbajal Contreras (President of the AFEIDAL and emeritus professor of the UNAM), Alejandra Muñoz Montoya (Corporación Universitaria Remington (Medellín Colombia), Carlos Solines (Ecuador), Ukles Cornejo (Ecuador), René Segura (Guanajuato) and Jimena Moreno (Ecuador).

[readon1 url="http://vallartaopina.net/2013/09/28/analizan-las-experiencias-de-america-latina-en-el-comercio"]Source: Vallarta Opina Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]

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