The Mexican Government Allocates USD 46.3 Million to Support Shrimp Farmers

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34572 350x280 72 DPI 0The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) announced the provision of MXN 600 million (USD 46.3 million) for aquaculture shrimp producers in the country.

With this financial support, the Mexican government aims to maintain a sustainable shrimp production and ensure the supply of the resource this year, said SAGARPA head, Enrique Martinez y Martinez.

Out of the total contribution, MXN 283.5 million (USD 21.8 million) will be destined to directly support shrimp producers and MXN 317.5 million (USD 24.5 million) for an insurance fund. The objective of this fund is to achieve coverage of 12,500 hectares as a solution to the suspension of the aquaculture reinsurance for disease risk in farmed shrimp.

The Agriculture Secretary also explained that, with the participation of the governments of Sinaloa, Sonora and Nayarit, a fund amounting to MXN 143.5 million (USD 11 million) was created to support the farmers affected by atypical diseases that reduce production in shrimp farms.

This money will be distributed through the National Health, Food Safety and Food Quality Service (SENASICA), the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CONAPESCA) and the states themselves, as follows: MXN 90 (USD 6.9 million) for farmers in Sinaloa, MXN 45.3 million (USD 3.4 million) for those in Sonora and MXN 8.2 million (USD 633,300) for those in Nayarit.

Besides, there will also be a contribution of MXN 140 million (USD 10.8 million) to support the acquisition of larvae for stocking in the three states, as part of the measures to boost the productive sector, reported SAGARPA.

Martinez y Martinez explained that in 2013 the country produced extra 60,000 tonnes of anchovy, 26,000 tonnes of tuna, 24,000 tonnes of tilapia, 13,000 tonnes of squid, 6,000 tonnes of pilchard, and 7,800 tonnes of oysters, among other species.

With respect to shrimp production, he pointed out that it was reduced by 40,000 tonnes due to the atypical diseases affecting farming.

Furthermore, SAGARPA stressed that to maintain productivity of the industry, in April 2013 SENASICA set the suspension of shrimp imports from China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, to safeguard the health status of the sector.

The president of the Aquaculture Health Committee of the State of Sonora, Reyes Eugenio Molina Moreno ensures that the support they received from the national government offers certainty to the sector's production this year.

"There was a picture of uncertainty for this year among the producers in the state, all the time the decision to stock 10,000 hectares was taken, but thanks to the economic support and actions on health issues of the Federation, we welcome that there are 20,000 hectares in stocking process in some harvest cases," he concluded.

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