The Musibus in Puerto Vallarta, International Cultural Proposal

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musibusThe Musibus in Puerto Vallarta, international cultural proposal

The Musibus is visiting Puerto Vallarta and brings cultural offerings, plus the best and most current music and film productions of art, at the best market prices and promotions.

"The Musibus" is located on the main street of our city Center Avenida Mexico. It is a very colorful bus that offers all the Vallartenses, a complete collection of the best sounds and flavors of the world  and Mexico, ranging from gender Classic Baroque, Renaissance, instrumental, music therapy for children and jazz, bossa nova and other genres, meditation and healing, Mexican Traditional music combine with modern music to create new compositions.

The Director and Chief Promoter, Mr. Bernardo Yancelson  has  been working on this proyect for a year and toured eight states of  the country like Morelos, Puebla, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Colima and Jalisco and is projected for 2013  to visit  Veracruz, Tabasco, Oaxaca, Yucatan and Quintana Roo in the Southeast. They are now in our port and will stay until January 2, 2013, and hope to continue until the 6th.

The principal objective of this project is not only to bring more and better musical offerings to Mexico, but also serve as a cultural promoter to schedule events and festivals. It also serves as a platform for expression and development of new talent, always for the benefit of the city it visits. The main problem that it aims to address is the lack of education and musical culture in the country, which clearly is the universal language.

Mr. Yancelson, who has been a music producer for 21 years, and has made significant contributions to the  music industry.He has been the first and only marketer of Putumayo music in the country. In addition to having produced over 100 albums of Mexican music with symphonic arrangements, and jazz artists such as Enrique Neri, Christopher Lee, Joao Henrique, Miguel Peña, Roberto Aynes and more.

It is very important for the Institute of culture in Puerto Vallarta   to receive cultural  promoters thereby enhancing the quality and development of the city. Mr. Yancelson and his staff send cordial greetings to Puerto Vallarta and wish it continued  progress in its infrastructure and good organization. This sounds good for Vallarta.



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