The New Payment Methods Allow The Mexican Financial System More Efficient

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PUERTO VALLARTA, Jalisco. The use of electronic payments is starting to gain ground against the use of cash and checks, allowing the Mexican financial system more efficient and secure, considered the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

The manager Banxico Development Bank, Hector Desentis Montalbán, said that's important because the fact that they start to use other means of payment other than cash has the advantage of being more efficient means and safer for people .

Moreover, he added, are much faster and by failing cash transaction limits the margin of error and is safer than no theft.

"Basically this is the central bank's interest with this new use of technology, primarily to streamline the sy transaccione that means that streamlines some savings side or users as in the subject of business transactions,"

During the Ninth National Convention of L @ Red de la Gente National Savings Bank and Financial Services (Bansefi), explained that an example is that of total transactions with payment methods other than cash is the use of checks, went from 41% to 15% in 2005 to 2011.

In the same period, the bank card payments in shops (TPV) grew from 30 to 45 percent of the total electronic fund transfers grew from 26 to 36 percent of the total, so the absolute number of transactions with different media cash grew a thousand to two thousand 357 000 000 661 000 000.

Also, the number of card payments in trade (POS) is growing  faster to 23.3%, that ATM withdrawals to 4.71 percent.

In fact, he said, in the case of point of sale terminals that are gaining ground are doing within a larger trading volume, doubling from 2005 to 2011.

Moreover  he added,  the growth rate of payments POS terminals is higher than the use of automated teller machines (ATMs) even when the base is different.

"There are more transactions at ATM cash withdrawal, but people start an alternative use of your card and is one of the challenges facing the banking, aware of all that can be done with a debit card," said.

In regard to the use and promotion of means of payment, the Banxico has centralized its efforts in using SPEI (Electronic Interbank Payment System), which has the characteristics of high capacity and fast processing, and low cost for banks.

Montalbán Desentis revealed that currently 68 percent of the payments are less than 10 thousand dollars and 47 percent are for amounts less than five thousand dollars, which shows the rapid adoption and replacement of less efficient means such as checks and cash.

He stressed that the use of SPEI is a great opportunity for Bansefi through transactions to climb L @ Red de la Gente.

In that regard, he said that in Mexico if there have been many advances in 2005 and 2010, largely thanks to technological advances, but there is still much potential he concluded.

[readon1 url="http://noticierostelevisa.esmas.com/economia/522072/efectivo-rezagado-medios-pago/"]Source:noticierostelevisa.esmas.com- Translation by Suyapa Ajuria [/readon1]

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