Tuna Blanca by café des Artistes

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tuna-1Located in Punta Mita, Tuna Blanca by café des Artistes, with the exclusive and traditional concept of the brand that creates it, offers a diversity of flavors, textures, smells, and colors from Mexico in a fresh way, organic, grilled and by the ocean, without losing the gourmet touch of Chef Thierry Blouet.

Tuna Blanca with the style and essence of Café des Artistes, but with a Mexican menu and atmosphere, beach type, chic and romantic, that gets in to a fusion with the best products of the region, organic, cultivated by the hands of local producers and fishermen fresh sea food provided by the fisherman of the Anclote beach. There is no doubt, an obligated visit in Punta Mita the destination with more exclusivity in Mexico.


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