Two Groups Of Brazilian Travel Agents Visit The Region

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  • The top 10 clients from among ADV Turismo and Flot’s retail agents and the top 10 reservations agents from Nascimento and MMT enjoyed a FAM trip to the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta.

The promotional activities of the Vallarta-Nayarit joint campaign under the aegis of the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) continue in the South American market. In this case, two different groups of travel agents from Brazil visited the region.

The event was a coordinated effort between the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta convention and visitors bureaus. Together they hosted the different tours that included visits to hotels in both destinations and the most beautiful attractions in the bay area.

From November 10-15, the top 10 clients from among ADV Turismo and Flot’s retail agents and the top 10 reservations agents from Nascimento and MMT visited the area. These four wholesalers have been the top vendors for the destinations.

The director of Puc Turismo, Wladir Da Rocha Soares, mentioned that Brazilians like trends and the Riviera Nayarit is a new destination that offers a great opportunity to begin working with the Brazilian marketplace.

“I know that what the Brazilian tourist is looking for is here: the quality of the hotels is high, the weather is perfect, and air access is good, because it takes the same amount of time to fly into Cancun as it does to fly here,” explained Wladir Soares.

He also coincided with María Do Carmo De Sousa, a sales consultant for ADVTour, who mentioned the airfare to visit the region is accessible so it does not present a problem.

“Brazilians like the mixture of culture and beach very much, they enjoy traveling to get to know other countries because Brazil’s own tourism hotspots are very expensive,” added María do Carmo. “That’s why they travel to explore new countries. The Riviera Nayarit could easily become a trendy destination because people are curious about it.”

They both closed their comments by expressing their thanks for the exposure the destinations are having in Brazil, as they hope it will trigger a good increase in tourism for everyone, plus they also commented on the region’s excellent gastronomy.

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