Vallarta Today Announces Smartphone Journalist Program

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Got-NewsVallarta Today announces the premier of Smart Phone Journalism, Vallarta.  Got News? Got Smartphone? Get Fame, Fortune and Get a "Little Fun"!

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Vallarta Today - The Changing Face of News

Vallarta Today is the de-facto standard of English news delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and surrounding areas.  With our extensive local news delivered via the daily Puerto Vallarta Broadcast News to 10,000+ hotel rooms, 42,000+ subscribers in Vallarta and the Banderas Bay Region, along with our print version of 25,000 circulation coming October 12th, covering from San Pancho to Yelapa, and all of the news delivered via our online presence www.vallartatoday.com, feeding all the news to millions of readers each month.

We are looking for a few (the more the merrier) "Smartphone" Journalists who would love to cover the news in Vallarta, Banderas Bay, statewide, country wide and internationally!

mobile-reportingHow it works (Got News):  
Our Correspondents, Journalists and Editors are always on the prowl for that "Story".  With the advent and adoption of smartphone technology the residents, visitors and Friends of Vallarta can now be a valued news team member with Vallarta Today.  Our cutting edge technology allows us to connect to our journalists anywhere in the world whether you are covering a story from another country or down the street.  We can connect to you across the internet for that live interview for broadcast news or submitting an article of interest to our readers!

How it Connects (Got Smartphone)
As most of you know that own smartphones, the amazing device can do most anything.  You can connect to our broadcast studio in Plaza Caracol in Puerto Vallarta, log in and submit your story, upload your videos, photos and media.

Earn a Little (Get Fortune):
The Vallarta Today systems track every article, story, broadcast event that we publish.  It tracks "Viewers", "Likes", "Views", "Comments", "Reads" and "Clicks".  It knows how popular a story is before the we do.  Each Correspondent, Journalist and Editor earns points based on the tracking of their article or story.  The points are then converted to income.  The income "Fortune" will not make you a millionaire, but certainly it will take your significant other out to dinner once in a while!

mobile-phone-journalismBecome Famous (Get Fame):
s a published Correspondent, Journalist or Editor for Vallarta Today, your byline, bio, and image accompanies each article.  Who knows maybe one day you get that call from CNN!

And just a Little Fun!: 
Reporting the News is FUN!  Your Vallarta Today Press Badge opens doors that are normally locked. Along with the stories you uncover about our special town, we will also assign various events celebrations and other news worthy occurrances that come across the news desk. 

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