Why Travel To The Riviera Nayarit During Low Season

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Many of us love to go on vacation and usually do so when everyone else is off as well. That’s a lot of fun to do if you’d like to meet new friends, go out and party and share what you love to do best. However, it’s also great to go on vacation when everyone else is still at work: in fact, there are a lot of benefits if you take the plunge and try it out. Here are a few:

To begin with, you’ll get better pricing on your flights and hotel accommodations, because low season is prime season for excellent package deals. You’ll also be afforded quicker, better and more personalized service because there won’t be as many tourists in the destination—not to mention you’ll miss out on the crowds.

You’ll also be able to escape from the city noise and relax in grand style on our beaches, which are practically empty in the off-season. Take a walk and drink in the panorama, feeling Nature’s energy soak in through your skin. We also recommend chilling out at the spa or by taking a yoga class. If you prefer something a little more active check out sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or snorkeling. Of course, there’s always dinner at the water’s edge, a great way to recharge your batteries.

More tips on traveling during low season include checking on the weather, taking advantage of the package deals and buying your plane tickets in advance to get even better rates.

So pack your bags for a getaway from September through November or during the summer months of May and June to take full advantage of our low season promotions! You’ll find some good ones here: http://www.rivieranayarit.com/special_deals

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