With a Big Celebration Ramón Guerrero Re-inaugurates the Main Plaza of the Delegation of Las Juntas

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bigceWith an investment of 2.5 million pesos and in between music, dancing and firecrackers the re-inauguration of the main plaza of the delegation of Las Juntas took place with the participation of hundreds of people who appeared satisfied with the municipal government headed by the mayor Ramón Guerrero because he did projects in benefit of the people of Vallarta.

With the commitment of rescuing public spaces, the municipal president Ramón Guerrero, emphasized the places where each of the resources that the citizens contributed would be going, to continue with the rescue of those areas where you feel proud of attending and where you can perform your activities in a healthy and honest way, "it doesn't just have to do with the pesos and cents that were invested, it doesn't just have to do with the construction of the kiosk, the floor, the gardens or the plants, but what is most valuable in this plaza is you, my friends from Las Juntas, that you come here to have fun and relax with your families".

Guerrero Martínez also reiterated "we made a commitment with you and we are already keeping it, we rescued this public space; in the next days I will be returning here to your plaza, which I ask that you take care of and make use of, to be able to deliver the program "Worthy House" with the support of material, cement, tin, rods and bricks so that all the families that today don't have a chance to have a worthy house could have that support and backup".

In this event the person in charge of the delegation of Las Juntas, Jorge Enrique Gallardo Quintero,  thanked the municipal president for his support and the satisfied commitment that shows that it is a citizen government that with deeds has been able to erase the divorce between the civil society and the municipal government, "today I want to thank you, we know that we are following the right path, that we are going faster than we think, that our convictions are intact and that we are full of enthusiasm, we see that people start to recover their faith and joy because their public spaces are returning little by little, like this plaza that we have inaugurated today".

At the same time, in representation of each of the neighbor committees of this delegation, the lady Edna Luquín Pérez, president of the Centro colony, thanked the support provided by the municipal government, "there is no doubt that the facts weigh more than the words, mister president we go along with you in your battle, let us celebrate your victory and work under your management day to day, elbow to elbow asking you always not to forget your word, which we know that is heavy and we reiterate our congratulations in the name of the community of Las Juntas”.

In the ceremony there was also the presence of the inhabitants of the Delegation as well as the councilors Humberto Gómez Arévalo, Susana Mendoza Carreño, Otoniel Barragán Espinoza and Javier Pelayo Méndez, as well as the General Director of Social Development, Óscar Delgado, the major administrative official Ignacio Guzmán, besides the presidents of the Ejido Las Juntas and the Association of Charros, Alfredo Cortes Palomera and Alberto Ramos Arreola respectively, Monseñor Hipólito Robles parish of the delegation and the rest of the representatives of the municipal government.

[readon1 url="http://notivallarta.com/2013/06/17/con-un-gran-festejo-reinaugura-ramon-guerrero-la-plaza-principal-de-la-delegacion-las-juntas"]Source:notivallarta.com- Translation by Mr Rene Tripp[/readon1]

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