A Fireworks Show is Announced to Receive 2014

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aaaaaacuee2The Show will be synchronized with cheerful musical notes and will have a length of a little more than 20 minutes

The arches of the pier, will be the perfect stage so that thousands of tourists and Vallartans welcome the new year 2014 through a show of fireworks, that in synchrony with cheerful musical pieces, will light the sky of the bay in a space of 20 minutes.

Carlos Gerard Guzmán, director of Municipal Tourism, detailed that the fireworks show will start near 11:50 on the night of December 31st for the delight of local families and national and foreign visitors, who fire-works-show-in-the-piertraditionally come to the pier, to be part of this celebration of new year.

“It is an event for all the tourists, but also for the locals. They are invited to come to live the end of the year to the center of the city, with a musical and fireworks show that for nearly 20 minutes will fill the sky with multi-colored shapes”, explained the civil servant.


Carlos Gerard Guzmán also invited those who visit the destination to prolong their holidays until January 8th, in which they have prepared a big celebration for the anniversary of the jetty of The Dead in which there will be a big festival, music and a good environment for the assistants.

He also pointed out that in this last week of 2013, a lot of hotels already register an occupation of one hundred percent, which determines that there will be an excellent closing of the year in terms of tourism; likewise the beginning of 2014 is looking good with the arrival of foreign tourists.

He mentioned that since the jetty of The Dead has transformed itself into the most recent tourist icon of the city, a program of celebrations so that it also becomes an excuse for partying with the tourists has been prepared.

The data

The fireworks show will start near 11:50 at night on December 31st.

[readon1 url="http://vallartaopina.net/2013/12/27/anuncian-espectaculo-de-pirotecnia-para-recibir-2014/"]Source: Vallarta Opina Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]