A Night Full Of Color and Overflowing Fun!

Vallarta Entertainment News
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This February 1st, the so long awaited 15th Anniversary of the famous world class restaurant chain, SEÑOR FROG'S was carried out here in Puerto Vallarta.

With an excellent response by its guests, who had the opportunity of participating in a competition of uploading their best photo to Facebook, winning with the greatest number of likes from their friends on their favorite photo. Without a doubt, there was a lot of fun and overflowing enthusiasm among those present.

In between the prepared surprises by the staff of the famous restaurant, there was a "Glow Party" endorsed by Las Vegas.  This concept, which has been around since many years ago, is a party with neon paint in liquid and dust, stickers, flags, caps, glasses and an endless number of phosphorescent accessories to give the party special lighting, besides a spectacular show of cloths with lights off, where a person painted with latex could be seen doing a performance with the cloths and a Neon performance on suits with sequin all over as part of the anniversary opening.

In the end, the photo with the greatest number of likes during the whole night, received gift certificates of $500, $1,000 and $1,500.00 pesos for using in the restaurant, as well as in the Señor Frog's stores. Like this was celebrated this important event which will pass to history. Another success for Señor Frog's using its slogan "sobre aviso no hay engaño" (you have been warned).

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