Buying a Christmas Tree in Vallarta

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xmastreefrontWhile it may seem like November is a bit early to start talking about buying a Christmas tree in Puerto Vallarta, those who are spending their first Christmas in their new home or condo in PV, need to know that cut trees are a hot commodity in the city.

In fact, Christmas trees in Puerto Vallarta are generally only available for two to three weeks, selling out across the city usually by the end of the second week of December.

Costco always offers a beautiful selection of Christmas trees that are large and bushy and best suited to larger homes and villas in Puerto Vallarta. If you have a Puerto Vallarta condo or a home with smaller dimensions, visit Home Depot, Soriana, Walmart, Ley or Mega Comercial for trees that that may be a better fit for your space.

Because you need to buy early, remember to keep your tree watered, out of direct sunlight and away from air-conditioners and fans to help keep it from drying out.

And, of course, there is always the option to purchase an artificial tree. In our experience, the three stores that offer the best selection and highest quality artificial Christmas trees in Puerto Vallarta are Home Depot, Costo and Liverpool.

So, get ready to deck the halls a little sooner than you may have thought, because in Puerto Vallarta, the early elf gets the tree.

Source: Tropicasa