Clowning Around is Serious Business in Puerto Vallarta

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Clowning in VallartaClowns from all over Mexico and countries including Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Guatamala are adding some great colour and comedy here in Puerto Vallarta this week.

It is true that just about any night of the week in Puerto Vallarta, at the scenic oceanside Los Arcos Amphitheatre across from The Central Plaza, you can find the Clowns (los Payasos) working their trade before an enthusiastic audience. This week is quite a bit different. Close to 500 Clowns started arriving in town on Sunday from all over Latin America and the U.S.A. to rub shoulders with the brothers and sisters of their trade. They are here to perform, compete and polish their skills at over 30 events and workshops being held through Thursday, May 28.

Congreso Internacional de Payasos (International Congress of Clowns) in Puerto Vallarta is the first gathering of the Hermandad Mexicana de Payasos, (Brotherhood of Mexican Clowns) formed recently to offer a formal setting of “family support” and encouragement. 

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Tens of thousands of clowns throughout Latin America make up just a small part of what is known as the “Informal Economic Sector” which, in Mexico itself, has consistently accounted for about 10 percent of the economy since the early 1990’s.

In addition to workshops on everything from Make-up and Ballooning to The Pychology of Performance and How To Run Your Business, the public is invited to enjoy this unique gathering as well. Tuesday through Thursday, you can watch, at no charge, the performances of some of the visiting rising stars of the Clowning Industry. At Los Arcos Amphitheatre, Tuesday 26th through Thursday 28th, you can take a seat and watch the performers starting at 6pm. Also, each of those three days there are performances at Club de Leones, starting at 9pm Tuesday, 4pm Wednesday and Thursday at 12pm.

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