Coming Soon, a Tequila Museum in Puerto Vallarta

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tequila-museumThe new Tequila Museum was announced by Enrique Ramos Flores, Minister of Tourism for the State of Jalisco, who said it will be another expression of Mexican handicraft. The Tequila Museum will be on the premises of the Teatro Vallarta.

Mundo Cuervo, the largest producer of tequila in the country and on other scales at an international level, will create the Tequila Museum at what is now the site of the Teatro Vallarta. The craftsmanship of the State of Jalisco is also intended to be shown there.

Enrique Ramos Flores, Minister of Tourism for Jalisco, said that, “These new activities will add to the interest and dynamism of visitors to the destination.”

While a museum opening date has not been announced, it is known that art exhibitions from Jalisco, as well as Tonalá and Tlaquepaque will be shown there. “We are seeking a place for the artisans to have a permanent exhibition here, because we are sure they will do very well,” said Ramos Flores.

The project that was shown during the past few days, looks ahead to conditioning the Teatro Vallarta spaces, where tequila tasting is expected, as well as other attractions which aim to further attract cruise passengers.

Involved in this project for the city of Puerto Vallarta is the Mundo Cuervo Company, assisted by the Director of Marketing and Public Relations. The Minister of Tourism of Jalisco mentioned, on the other hand, an agreement already signed with the Hotel Association of Guadalajara, which states that the associated facilities would display handicrafts produced in Tlaquepaque and Tonala. "This is something we want to implement in Puerto Vallarta," said Ramos Flores. "In Guadalajara there are many visitors who come for business reasons, but in Vallarta, 95% are leisure tourists and a high percentage of foreigners, so it is sure to have great appeal."

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