DIF Recognizes Winners of Cultural and Sports Meet of PREVERP Program

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01This meeting was held last year in the town of Tomatlán, where 39 children participated

Authorities System for Integral Family Development (DIF) of Puerto Vallarta, represented by Magaly Fregoso Ortiz, gave awards to children and youth who participated in the ninth edition of Cultural encounter and Deportivo Prevention Program Psychosocial Risk (PREVERP) 2013.

This meeting is held every year and the last edition was held in the town of Tomatlán, where a total of 39 under Puerto Vallarta, who managed to get four first places in the categories involved: young single song, youth group singing, Preventive Women's 100m short and child levels.

During the presentation of awards from Magaly Ortiz Fregoso, children demonstrated their talent, as in the case of Esmeralda Moctezuma and Jacqueline Rojas, winner in the individual chanting youth, who gave a musical intervention and got applause from the audience meeting in the premises of the Directorate for the Protection of Children (DPI).

In addition, the video "Ways to prevent addictions," prepared by the young Michelangelo Cortés Martínez, Alan Santana Ulises Vega Vallejo and Enrique Alarcon, winners in the short film was screened preventive.

Also, María Hernández Miranda and Joselynne winning the Women's 100m child category ups, gave testimony and thanked the DIF system to boost these activities that keep children and young people from addiction and psychosocial risks and gives them the opportunity to continue their studies through a scholarship given periodically.

Meanwhile, city officials expressed the willingness of the institution to continue to encourage young people and their families. Also the president of the Municipal DIF, acknowledged the hard work responsibly perform those involved in prevention programs, including Alma Gonzalez, Edgar Corrales, Paul Rodriguez Sergio Rojas and Carlos Ruiz, as well as each of the volunteers.

The PREVERP program seeks to promote healthy lifestyles as a measure to reduce and prevent substance abuse among children and their families.