Dorothy Bishop: The Divas Within the Diva

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DorothyBishop3Dorothy Bishop’s Divas now in Puerto Vallarta!

From opera galas to comical musical parodies, the vast career behind lyrical soprano Dorothy Bishop has evolved with time since her days at Yale School of Music. Dorothy has even performed aboard several cruises while traveling the world.

Now, with a nomination by Broadway World as Best Musical Act of 2013 under her belt, Puerto Vallarta has the pleasure, for the first time, of having this awesome performer with “The Dozen Divas Show” for the next two weeks at Act II The Red Room.

From Palin to Streisand

Since 2008 and thanks to her resemblance to Sarah Palin, Dorothy became immersed in the parody scene. Now in “The Dozen Divas Show,” Dorothy displays her incredible vocal prowess and a wicked sense of humor through spot-on performances from a variety of divas like Stevie Nicks and Barbra Streisand to Cher and Adele, Mae West singing Britney Spears and all the creative mashups that are not to ment to be missed. There is something for everyone and a lot of laughs in this cabaret show.

Ageless Empowerment

Dorothy wishes to be known in Puerto Vallarta and spread the message behind her creation: “It’s a show about women and particularly a show about some young divas, but it’s more about older divas that are still vibrant, sexy and out there. I hope it’s inspirational to older women, people who think, ‘oh i’m getting too old’ no, you are not. Look at Dolly, look at Cher, Madonna.” Friends helping friends, young helping older women, older women showing the new generations how it’s done. The message behind is an ageless show with strong female figures empowering the everyday divas of our time.

If you are lucky enough to be in Vallarta from March 4 to March 15, join Dorothy in a cabaret night full of surprises and divas at The Red Room in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

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