Fito Paez presented "Rock and Roll Revolution" in Guadalajara

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aFito-555x187The Argentine composer Fito Paez, visited the city of Guadalajara this October 6 to provide an energetic and innovative show, under the premise of Guadalajara fans interpret songs from his latest album "Rock and Roll Revolution".

The evening began with the simple name given to the new material, creating instant interaction with your audience, who faithfully performed each of the positions on stage tracks.

Fito Paez presented "Rock and Roll Revolution" in Guadalajara 

After playing 'Girl', 'I I Love You' and 'Margarita', Fito greeted thanking Guadalajara and commented that practically was the official release of the new album, which pays tribute to Charly García.

"Charly García was like a guardian angel who gave me the songs on this album, the tracks were appearing and are therefore dedicated to him."

Surely lyrics Fito touch the depths of love, heartbreak and society, all from an intelligent and well built angle, as in the case of one of his new singles entitled 'The Song of Sybil Vane', inspired by the novel Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray", which deals with the romance, human malice and the pride of the characters, which he presented as a world premiere.

Halfway through the show, the Argentine took his dark piano to play one bright, with which the audience was spreading gradually, as if an alternate language, to let flow shortly after the letter 'Exquisite Corpse' and ' A Dress and Love (I Saw You) ', where he left his followers to be the main characters through their voices.

The next half of the show was articulated in 'Nature Blood, "" Circo Beat', 'Bright On the Mic', 'Polaroid of Ordinary Madness' and 'City Poor Hearts', where he rose to his piano and from there looked at published with a unique concert to end the power.

A few minutes later he reappeared on stage to close the emotional night with 'Love After Love', 'Dar es Dar "and" Butterfly tecknicolor'.


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