Interest for Sightseeing Hunchback Whales Increases in the Bay

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testing2222222Interest for sightseeing the hunchback whale considerably increases in Banderas Bay.

Thus the representatives of ECOBAC with the support of entrepreneurs of the region, for the first time in 15 years, announced the realization of the First Festival for the Conservation Ballenarte, which will take place from January 8 to 11 of this year.

Café de los Artistas, was the headquarters of a press conference where the head of Ecology and Conservation of Whales, by its acronym ECOBAC, Astrid Frisch Jordan, exhibited part of the program of the several attractions that there will be in this period, in a day that will initiate in the Los Muertos dock on next Wednesday, celebrating in that date its first anniversary.

Frisch clarifies that the realization of this first festival is carried out without there being some problem or risk to the hunchback whale or the sighting of these cetaceans.

On the contrary, the activity even of the population of these whales that arrive to the waters of the Pacific of Banderas Bay, and the number of tourists for the sighting increases every year.

Referring to the general statistics, he said that in the northern part of the Mexican Pacific, the population of this type of whale is of 20 thousand.

Being 500 only in Banderas Bay, which comprises the municipalities of Badeba and Puerto Vallarta.

The population is increasing for in 2013, there were reports in this zone of more than 40 offspring, when the average in recent years was only of 17.

He recalled that the calfs are born and develop here during the first months of their life.

On average, attendance of tourists during a sighting season is of 15 thousand, being that in the last 15 years, this activity has reached a new peak of promotion for the destination and economic impact for the service providers.

For the assistance of some of these events there will be a charge, mainly for dinner tickets in Café de los Artistas. The collected money will be used, said the head of ECOBAC, for several things like the continuity of the conservation of the whales and their environment.

The process of Photo Identification, inspection and supervision in each sighting season and moment of acquisition of equipment.

Questioned regarding the sighting activity, he assured that the tourist service providers of the zone, have received in average more than 5 qualification courses, to not alter the visit of these whales to the region.

Considered a great tourist attraction, Astrid Frish Jordan, said in a press conference that everyone is working in a coordinated way for example, for the fulfillment of the official federal NOM relative to the conservation of the whale.

He noted that recently they have even been working hand in hand with the Federal Attorney General's Office for Protection to the Environment, PROFEPA, on the side of Nayarit as well as of Jalisco.

In regard to the accidents caused by crafts that have hurt some calfs, he said that they are regrettable incidents, the most recent occurred in 2009.

Around the festival in question, it was said jointly with the director of municipal tourism, Carlos Gerard and Linney Cornejo of the Vallarta Center Association, that this will be carried out from January 8 to 11 of this year, by the conservation of marine fauna in Banderas Bay, tourist region in which the destination Vallarta Nayarit is located.

It will have diverse cultural activities, ecological, related with the whales and marine ecosystems.

Ballenarte is trying to create a collective consciousness about the importance of protecting the natural treasures of the bay and to raise funds to give continuity to ecology projects and the conservation of whales.

This festival initiates on Wednesday 8 with greatness, since there will be a decorated crafts parade coming from all of the bay.

As part of the program there will be conferences, photo exhibitions, documentaries, a bicycle rally and there will be the presentation of the pet Ballenarte, which is an inflatable whale of 6.5 meters of the name Kuikani (singer in Náhuatl).

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