Is Eva Longoria Getting Married? Actress Denies Claims Of Wedding To Pepe Bastón

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Although we might root for a wedding between Eva Longoria and Televisa’s president Pepe Bastón, those dreams won’t come true for now. Yesterday, some rumors began circulating online that the actress and producer was ultimating details of the alleged wedding to the Mexican media mogul, and even included details of the ceremony. El Universal Venezuela was the first to report the fake news online, stating that it had been announced on the Mexican journalist René Franco’s show, La Taquilla.

They went on to add that E! Online had said that the wedding was going to be in Casa Aramara, a five-star exclusive residence in Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico. Needless to say, this is not true at all. Despite all the “news” websites reproducing the story without fact-checking, Eva Longoria herself took it to her Twitter to deny the rumors. “Why is everyone saying I'm getting married?? #NotTrue #WhereDidThatComeFrom?” She wrote on her social media account.

And let’s be honest, if Eva Longoria was engaged, the news would be all over TV, radio, internet and any possible outlet out there. Plus, we’re pretty sure she would be the first one to share the news with her fans, as she’s always done through her various social media accounts, where she keeps active and engages with her followers possibly much more than any other celebrity. With that said, we would love that fake story to be real sometime soon!

If (when) they get married, they would be the hottest Latino couple ever! Not only is Eva beautiful, smart, interested in her Mexican roots, fighting for the immigration reform and a talented actress, producer and businesswoman; Pepe is also a very eligible man. He runs Mexico’s biggest media company, he’s business savvy, very handsome and stylish. The two of them are not only a power couple, but also a gorgeous one! And to take our imagination a bit further… just imagine their baby! Although for now those are our hopes, we can’t wait for them to actually come true!

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