January 9th 2014... a Memorable Day for Ada's Sailing

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ada-showcaseAda Sailing does it again! We all know its Andie's charm that draws the whales close to share their thoughts with her!  She is the ultimate Whale Whisperer!

People will never forget the experience that they had today... unbelievable!!... They were blessed by nature.... For moments like this they love every day more and more what they do!

Thank you Glenn Kacic, Joe, Connie and Tom for being part of the special moments of Ada Sailing - Luxury Sail Charter in Puerto Vallarta



The whales had been following us we never approached them. They kept coming up to the boat. when we ultimately shut things down. They stayed with us for more than 20 minutes swimming around and under the boat. ADA and their wonderful crew would never chase the whales. It was an enormous surprise for all of us! It was a great experience and I do not think we could have done anything to avoid it.

We have to be honest. We were not lucky, we were blessed to have this encounter today... we had it from Ada's and it was because the whale wanted to have a moment with us and play around the boat... We hope to get another great experience like today

What we couldn't have known is how well the whales would cooperate with the festivities. WOW is understated. Thank you for a once in a lifetime day with the whales - to have them follow us and come so close that we were able to pet them was truly remarkable! We love you guys and look forward to being with you again in just a week! We know this won't be repeated much less topped but we'll always share this incredible memory. Ada's Sailing is the best!

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Our next sailing days by individual tickets will be on January 10th and 16th!!! Will be a special VIP sailing from 10:00 am to 4 pm. Food, drinks, snorkeling and good time!
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