Launches the First Festival of Fireworks in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta, Jal.- Just over two thousand people, including vallartenses, national and international tourists, enjoyed the first day of activities of the International Festival of Fireworks "Luminia Fest," a great festival of light, color and music that flooded the sky over the bay.
The rhythm of cheerful notes, the first paramusics of this festival was presented by Chemical Company Bicentennial of Independence, vallartense company with the first class show, worthily represented pyrotechnic throughout the state of Jalisco in this international event using modern technology and multicolored fires that left a pleasant taste among attendees.
For 15 minutes, Puerto Vallarta sky lit up with different devices used for this occasion, including pumps, chrysanthemums and lighters, showing the talent that exists in our country and that has received a recognition internationally.

At the opening of this first festival was attended by the director of the Institute of Culture Vallarta, Sergio Zepeda, who on behalf of Mayor Ramón Guerrero Martínez, welcomed families gathered to sports Agustín Flores Contreras and surroundings, pointed that this event is a great effort of the municipal government to bring a show of international stature which is expected to repeat year after year, becoming a tradition.
Also Irma Salamanca, of the civil association with the Power of Making, thanked the council the opportunity to be part in the management and implementation of this project, and added that over five days you could enjoy professional pyrotechnics, as seen in other countries. He also thanked the municipal government, and the various authorities will ensure the safety and success of this festival.

At the end of the fireworks, the vallartenses families and visitors, released hundred cantoya balloons into the sky, expressing their best wishes. At the start of the festival, also attended Otoniel Barragan Alderman and Deputy Director of roads, Jesús Rodríguez Campoy. 

First Festival of Fireworks

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