Luv In Art Festival: Kyle Lind

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It’s All in The Process

Process art may be a new term to most of us but in the mind of Kyle August Lind it is a lifetime study, and he has lent his hand to the perfection of a method of expression that almost defies explanation.

There have been several great art movements, one can look back as far as cave drawings for the first movement. Each successive movement has brought a revitalization to the art world, that is the story I want to tell you about now, and that story is being illustrated perfectly this weekend in Yelapa, Jalisco Mexico. There in a gallery now dubbed “The Museum of Neo Geo Renaissance Art” perched on a sandy knoll on the beach of magical Yelapa, you will find 45 new pieces of captivating art.

In that structure and the adjacent patio, visitors starting Saturday at 4pm will see for the first time Kyle Lind's latest contribution to the process. We are moving from an era of pretty pictures to one of infinitely fascinating images that seem to just pop out from every part of the medium. There is a new beauty perhaps not as traditional as seen in the previous eras, but the more one studies this process art, the more appreciation you will find for the sheer beauty of the process penetrating your heart. You might not get it at first because it doesn’t all reveal itself at first glimpse, but talk to me after studying the piece titled “Life Around The Cabin” and I guarantee there will be something to discuss all night.

So, Who is Kyle Lind?

Kyle Lind is a man of magic that spell binds us hour after hour. An artist no doubt, a man of creative genius who is compelled to communicate his feelings. He comes from another era, one of enormous social change in the 60's, he walked with the giants of the time, he carries them in his mind and to look at him is to study pure devotion of art. He is professionally trained of course, nine years a student where he admittedly did more on his own than in-class work. He worked with the greats, Salvador Dali being one, he danced with the royals of Hollywood, and he married a Hollywood “swashbuckling star's” daughter, Rory Flynn.

Luv in Art and Art in Luv

Behind this exemplary opportunity to immerse into Lind’s magnificent exhibition is the collective brilliance of a group of artists, designers, promoters, writers, and publishers dedicated to redefining the “Art Show”, providing the opportunity to experience the most wonderful art creations.

The Excitement is Already Building Up

People are waiting and asking about the coming exhibition this Saturday in Yelapa. What can be expected? For anyone with an appreciation for art, this is a unique opportunity to gather around invaluable pieces of art at the 1st Annual Luv in Art Festival featuring Kyle Lind. Over 40 new pieces will be shown all of investment grade quality and his newly completed book “God Art Me Fun”, chronicling his life, thousands of images, stories and the development of “Process Art”. The show however will not stop with Mr. Lind's artwork, there were also be live music, a team of fire dancers, a world-class laser show, and entertainment for all to enjoy.