Mardi Gras Carnival 2014

Vallarta Entertainment News
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mardigrasshcThousands of locals and tourists emptied the Puerto Vallarta streets and gathered in the heart of the city along the malecon to witness Puerto Vallarta’s Mardi Gras Carnival 2014, which began at two locations, Sheraton Bugambilia and Parque Hidalgo.


Paraders delighted the crowds with elaborate flashy outfits, full of bright colors, glitter and shine, some singing and others passing candy to excited children who watched the parade with mesmerized eyes.

Some attendees gathered around the malecon area since the early afternoon, withstanding the sun in order to be front row witnesses to the display of gaudy ornaments that decorated the cars, while others didn’t hesitate to get close to the decorated cars to take pictures, receive candy and souvenirs or simply get a closer look of the extravagance.

Here are some photos from the parade: