Puerto Vallarta is one of the Places To Visit In December

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pvdec2016frontIf you want to experience Christmas season with a relatively warmer and more humid weather, check out this list of places that could defrost your winter blues.

Honolulu, Hawaii brings you perfect tropical weather on its Islands. Throw off your socks and mittens and replace them with shorts and bikinis to celebrate the big waves of Waikiki. Don't miss their Honolulu City Lights where the locals would start the lighting of the tree. It highlights and starts the holiday celebration according to Life Hack.

Go Carribean in Jamaica. This perfect warm island will offer you lush rainforests and beautiful beaches. Celebrate your Christmas like its summer and switch on your reggae songs for the holiday. Dubbed as the "Music Island" of the Carribean, Jamaica offers you comfort and luxury.

Soak your feet in the warm waters of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a beach resort located at the Pacific Ocean's Bahia de Banderas. Its December temperature averages to 70 degree Fahrenheit and is perfect for relaxation. It is also known for its vibrant night life. 

Christmas is the perfect time to get a spa in Bali. Its weather temperature averages to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, makitng it the perfect place for couples who want to have a special time for the holidays.

Source: Travelers Today