"Por Siempre Mi Amor" Will Be Transmitted In 60 Countries

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loveScenes were recorded in Vallarta of the soap opera "Por Siempre Mi Amor" (Forever My Love).  The Producer Ignacio Sada chose this destination for its special magic and natural beauty.

 A team of about 180 people including staff, actors and producers, recorded for over two weeks in Puerto Vallarta scenes from the soap opera "Forever My Love", a melodrama starring the International actor Guy Ecker and the actress Susana González, who will represent a love story full of intrigue.

In an exclusive interview, the producer Ignacio Sada Madero said that he chose Puerto Vallarta for its special magic and natural beauty, aspects that he said, are very much liked by the viewers.

love Alejandro Ruiz
will play an important role in the plot
People love watching locations and Puerto Vallarta is a place that has a very special magic, there are many beaches but none like Puerto Vallarta, with that specific taste in particular.  I like Vallarta very much".

In this sense, Sada Madero said: "We're in the second week of recording and the problem is that no one wants to go back! ... the actors are very happy, I don't know anyone that is told we will work in the beach 15 days and doesn't want to come".

In relation to production, Ignacio Sada said: "Forever my love" it is a soap opera that gathered the best team from the human perspective and a first class technical staff, plus the latest technology to create a quality product that is worthy of export.  "For this production we tried to bring together the best team from the human point of view, and in second place from its technical perspective. Also as we say in the medium "to have the best irons", which are cameras, microphones and all the recording equipment, to have a quality product, and a team of highly professional people who are very committed and willing to give the best of everything. "We do all the work in high definition, our equipment is cutting edge, of the next generation, Televisa is the largest Spanish-speaking company and there is a company-wide compromise that all the product that is exported to over 60 countries must meet fairly strict standards. "Forever my Love" will begin broadcasting on October 7th at four fifteen in the afternoon in channel 2 of Televisa.





love Actor Guy Ecker will play Arthur dela RivaEXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ACTOR GUY ECKER
By Santini Bracho

Interview with actor Guy Ecker, star of the new soap opera "Forever My Love" (Por Siempre Mi Amor), exclusively for Vallarta Today. The famous Brazilian actor Guy Ecker, of International class, will star in this new soap opera of the producer Ignacio Sada Madero, who in his new role will star as an architect named Arturo De la Riva, who at the start of the soap opera will widow and face the situation that he has a 9 year old daughter, and the fear of not knowing what to do with his life or if he will rediscover love again.

The actress Susana Gonzalez will be his partner in the novel with who she participated in "wounds of love" (heridas de amor), last soap opera produced in Mexico, and with the actress Dominika Paleta who will be a very bad villain, accompanying the cast, Anna Marti, Marta Julia, and Alejandro Ruiz.

When we asked the actor Guy Ecker how does he manage to be such a successful actor, being professional and yet unaffected. He answered us: due to some life issues I began late in this career and I recognize how difficult it is to succeed, and for me the public recognition is what is most important, it is a compliment for me when people comment that they liked the opera, that it made them laugh or cry, and I always give myself one hundred percent to the story.

When we asked him, how have you felt while recording the scenes here in Puerto Vallarta, he told us: it has been wonderful for me to be able to perform in these locations, it is what I love, unlike the soap operas they do in the U.S. where they are in a studio all the time, here we show the beauties that the Country has.

love Dominika Paleta a very beautiful villianHe commented that he had worked in the soap opera THE LIE (LA MENTIRA) where he had the opportunity to shoot in Guadalajara and Tequila, Jalisco. In the end he invited the public to join him in this new soap opera, he thanked Televisa for the opportunity to return to Mexico and his fans for continuing to receive him with their open arms and hearts.

We found Ludwika Paleta getting off a yacht in Marina Vallarta and she told us: We are doing yacht scenes in different places of the beach, the actors who accompany me are Guy Ecker, Susana González, Hector Suárez Gomis, Ana Marti and Marta Julia. Here is only part of the cast, not all of the actors are here, but do not miss the soap opera that will come out in October

Alejandro Ruiz, this talented and tender actor, told us that he was very happy with the recordings of the new soap opera "I particularly think that we have exceeded the expectations with how the scenes have tourned out, the place looks beautiful. The cast is wonderful and I say it truthfully, because we all get along really well, and there are no show offs, it is impressive, it is the first opera in which you do not hear screams, no one is upset, everyone is in a good mood.

My character's name is Bruno and he is Guy Ecker's best friend. We have recorded in Nayarit, Punta de Mita, and now here in Puerto Vallarta. Truthfully the quality really looks great and hopefully people will like it and turn on their TV at 4:15 pm, as this is the best feedback for an actor. For me in particular I have liked it and I have given myself to this project. I have 33 years in this career and personally the success of a story is the story itself. When we asked him if he liked PV, he answered us, I loved Puerto Vallarta, I hope to return soon on vacation.


love International actor Guy Ecker
took the time to meet his fans
Archiland Franco this Spanish-born actor, when we asked him about his character, he answered my character.....  is your character, he said pleasantly smiling. Nicholas, who is owner of 2 hotels in Puerto Vallarta, has no commitments to anyone, he is a very amusing, cheerful and hospitable friend of Arturo and Bruno. He hires them to remodel the hotel and I can not tell very much because then comes a dark side of the character and he will have to face hard situations. It could also be that he falls in love with Gabriela and well he is a lover of Mexico, he likes the culture, the women, and is an entrepreneur who has everything.

When we asked him what did he think of PV, he replied: well there are many beautiful women, kisses and hugs for all of them and a big kiss for you too. And please see the soap opera, the opinions are always good for growing.

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