Spectacular Event Organized By EXA With Artists Of International Status

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showcaseOver 6000 Vallarta Fans And Artists Live An Unforgetable Experience.

Marco Di Mauro and Ana Victoria in concert in Vallarta

EXA Radio Received an award from DIF

In an environment filled with an air of emotion and joy, the most important event took place, organized by the radio broadcast station of PV, Exa. The radio chain organized an event on the malecón of Puerto Vallarta with the purpose of raising funds to support a noble cause. The concert started with the local band CODI, and with invited artists of International status such as Marco Di Mauro, Ana Victoria, Jhon Dada, Marconi, Ameca, and the Claxons, who commented that they felt happy to be in PV and at the same time received a lot affection from their fans.

The artists took their time to greet their fans and have photos taken with them. The organizers were people of PV, MVS Guadalajara and MVS Mexico through MVS shows. It was a very intense campaign through social networks, printed media, and local promotion in all the delegations of PV, and the main communities of Banderas Bay, which resulted in a complete success. EXA thanks all the people who assisted to the event.

Marco Di Mauro, an Italian singer and one of the invited artists to the event, confessed that he felt incredible.

"The people received me with a lot of affection, the affection that I received from the people was incredible, their embrace, their cries and their emotion. Italy is like my mother and Mexico like my wife, a heart divided in two countries", he commented.

Please tell us, do you have any projects in process?

"Yes, in these moments I am promoting my new record in all of Mexico, the TOUR TE QUIERO, including cities like Mérida, Mazatlán, Aguacalientes, Querétaro, Guadalajara and Monterrey. Next year I will be promoting the record abroad, mainly in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, United States, and Spain and from January to July I will be promoting my record abroad. I am very happy in these moments with all of my projects. My record has been for several weeks, in the list of the most sold in Mexico with the single "Eres tu" and "Amame". Mr. Juan Osorio has invited me to his soap opera and I have just published a book with Porrua. There are many good things going on, I am very happy this year."

Do you have a message for your fans?

"Yes thank you a lot for your affection, cries, embraces, and I look forward to present myself live with the concert of TE QUIERO, which is a big concert with 2 hours of music with all the hits of the first record and this New record."

How have you felt here in Vallarta?

"Well the hotel is very beautiful and the beach also. Arriving from Mexico City and finding a place like this is like finding an oasis.

To say good bye, he sent a message to his native country where soon he will present himself in a tour across Europe,

"Italia mi compatrioti me da  moltisimo peacere saludar a tutti la gente in italia, venite a México in vacanza que es un gran paese."

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