Star Vicki Gunvalson Plans To Meet With Owner Of Popular Bar in Puerto Vallarta

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006Vicki Gunvalson has been on The Real Housewives of Orange County since the very beginning, so she has shared quite a bit with her fans. Just a few weeks ago, Vicki shared too much, as she posted a picture of her new Beats headphones that she got from Bravo.

But in the picture, she didn’t catch on that her naked reflection was quite obvious. Gunvalson later apologized for the nude photo.

But fans know that Vicki Gunvalson loves a good time, as she has often talked about “whooping it up” at a bar in Puerto Vallarta called Andale. When Vicki traveled to Puerto Vallarta with her co-stars two seasons ago, she couldn’t wait to go dance on the bar at this local joint. But Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow were very upset that they were left behind, as Gunvalson took Tamra Barney and Lydia McLaughlin to Andale.

According to a new Instagram post, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that she is back at the bar with her brother. She posted a picture of them standing outside of the bar. It is uncertain whether Brooks Ayers was with her, but she did reveal that she plans of meeting the owner of the bar while there.


But that was all she wrote. It is uncertain whether Gunvalson is there for business or for a vacation. Given Vicki has often talked about Andale on The Real Housewives of Orange County, one can imagine that the owner has been pleased with the publicity he has gotten for free.

Or maybe Vicki is just trying to forget the stress at home in Orange County. With Brooks Ayers going through cancer treatments and her dream home not panning out, one can imagine that she wanted to get away. According to the Inquisitr, Vicki’s new home will be too expensive for her future plans.

“Vicki Gunvalson has taken her own house off the market after the luxurious property that she was eyeing ‘fell through’ over money concerns,” a source has revealed, as covered by the Inquisitr, adding, “The repairs on the house that Vicki was looking at were going to cost too much to do. She decided to stay put for now unless she finds something that she absolutely falls in love with.”

Why do you think Vicki Gunvalson is in Puerto Vallarta meeting with the owner of Andale?

[Image via All About TRH]


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