The final pageant 'Miss Tepic 2014' is prepared

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miss-tepic-2014-2This Thursday 12 participants of the final stage of the pageant 'Miss Tepic 2014' were presented, during an event carried out in a known hotel of the city, having the assistance of the mayor of Tepic, Héctor González Curiel, accompanied by the director of Municipal Tourism, Octavio Verde, and by the secretary of Economic Development, Alfredo Madrigal. Equally there was the presence of Iraís Rodríguez from the Radiorama company, strong driver of the contest.

Once the candidates were presented, there was a photo shoot with the candidates, who are ready for the activities that are coming to offer their beauty, talent and grace on the next Friday February 1st, date in which the final will be carried out.

It was informed that the prizes will consist in clothes and accessories of recognized brands, as well as a trip to various touristic destination inside the sate, with many more surprises.

In this day, the mayor Héctor González Curiel, said: "I want to thank the misses for their confidence on this City Hall. Equally, to all the organizers and sponsors who are involved in this nice event, and tell them that the girl who wins will be present in all of the activities that the City Hall of Tepic does in what is remaining of the administration that I head, reason for which we will feel very proud".

The mayor said that besides the already mentioned stimuli, the commitment of the Government of Tepic is stressed of giving a Laptop and a plasma screen to the woman who turns out to be the winner.

Finally, the organizers invited the people of Tepic to enjoy the final of the pageant which will take place on February 1st at 18:00 hours in the pergola of the Main Square of Tepic, where all the citizenship will be able to assist for free to this magnum event.


[readon1 url="http://www.periodicoexpress.com.mx/nota.php?id=282539"]Source: Periódico Express de Nayarit Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]