The Growth of Entertainment Stage Venues in Puerto Vallarta

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Degree in Communication Science. Reporter for Vallarta Lifestyles magazine. Actor and presently director of the Dionisio Theater group.

In 1999, I saw a play for the first time in Puerto Vallarta. “Retablo, Quién Como Dios” (Tableau, Who As God) was the title. Soledad Garcia directed her theater group “Aguila o Sol”. It was presented at the Municipal Library “Ciudades Hermanas” (Sister Cities) located in Parque Hidalgo (this library later moved to colonia Mojoneras). Two important names in local theater were standouts in the cast: Veronica Muñiz and Wally Lobatto.

Fifteen years have now gone by and Puerto Vallarta and its theatre activity have come a long way. Theater infrastructure has grown to the delight of its creators, no matter what the formats, styles and preparation of local theater groups are. Formal and professional theater activity is hindered and slowed down without adequate spaces.

By the year 2000 Puerto Vallarta had the Centro Cultural Cuale and the CECATUR as “formal” venues for the presentation of performances, considered by some as just improvisations, as back then the Cuale auditorium was in bad shape and it was not until 2003 that it was remodeled with a state and municipal budget, as well as money from the National Council for Culture and Arts (CONACULTA).

At about the same time in 2003, the Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus auditorium of the Centro Universitario de la Costa was built. At the beginning, it presented plays, film festivals and even a classic ballet.

Another space that housed performing arts, approximately between 2003 and 2006, was called L’Opera. It was one of the first independent venues which did everything from present art films to provide spaces for painters, musicians and independent plays.

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Performing arts require spaces that are in accordance to the growth of the city.

Performing arts require spaces that are in accordance to the growth of the city.

Performing Arts Options in Puerto Vallarta

Presently, Puerto Vallarta has the CECATUR auditorium, the Centro Cultural Cuale, The Palm, the Boutique Theatre, Stages, the Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus auditorium and, in Nuevo Vallarta the NV Stage and Forum just opened. The Tercera Llamada also just opened its doors across from the Macroplaza in Pitillal. Each of these venues offers diverse stage options.

CECATUR Auditorium houses “Cartelera Escenica” which presents different dance, theater and music performances every Friday.

Centro Cultural Cuale offers the works of the Municipal Theater Group directed by Alberto Fabian as well as plays by independent theater groups.

The Palm has cabaret shows in English with well known performers of this genre who are mainly from the United States.

The Boutique Theatre presents plays and musicals in English, which they themselves produce.

Stages, where plays and cabaret shows are performed in English during winter, and some in Spanish, particularly during the summer season.

Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus Auditorium provides a space for special events which mainly involve the University community directly.

The NV Stage and Forum houses plays, dance and music performances in English.

Tercera Llamada is a place for independent theater groups with intimate productions.

Teatro Vallarta, an important space which underwent a transformation, is now Viva Tequila, an interactive museum project which offers shows. To this day Teatro Vallarta continues offering a space for performances, concerts and plays.

This area is definitely going through a decisive moment regarding performing arts and within the next two years, the results and scope of this increase of activity, will be felt.