Thousands of people attend the fireworks show

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thousands-gather-for-fireworksFor more than 20 minutes locals and visitors enjoyed the multicolored lights that lit the sky to say good bye to the year

Thousands of people, in between locals and visitors, enjoyed the fireworks show, which shortly before midnight, began to light the sky of Puerto Vallarta to welcome 2014.

It was more than 20 minutes of multicolored fireworks and music, which caused the applause of the Vallartans as well as national and foreign tourists, which from a very early hour arrived to the center of the city, where despite the rain, they were waiting for the show of the end of the year by the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta.

Caps and crowns colored in red, silver, black or gold, with the legend “Happy New Year”, as well as a great quantity of umbrellas, were the accessories that thousands of visitors carried, protecting themselves against the rain that kept falling throughout the soiree to enjoy the event with great enthusiasm.


Visitors of Guadalajara, Nayarit, Sinaloa, Michoacán, Mexico City, Baja California Sur, Guanajuato, California, Canada, among others, agreed that it was a night to celebrate with family and friends and receive the New Year with the best purposes and in a unique stage like the pier of Puerto Vallarta.

María Isabel Gutiérrez of Guadalajara, commented that “this is the first time that I come, and with the rain I expected that there would not be anything but the truth is that the party was great and we are happy to enjoy the new year in this place”.

It is noteworthy that for the security of those present, the officers of Public Security, Traffic, Firemen and Civil Protection, established an End of the Year 2013 Operative, in which they kept the visitors to the center of the city from coming in with objects that represent some risk for those who enjoyed this celebration.

Shortly before midnight the sky was lit with multicolored lights to say good bye to 2013, Vallartans and visitors enjoyed the show of the end of the year

The rain did not prevent thousands of people from forming part of the celebration. Attendees sought to take with them the best memory of this show. Since an early hour, Vallartans and visitors began to arrive to the center of the city. The pier offered a unique stage to receive 2014; with more than 20 minutes of multicolored fireworks and music

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Visitors of diverse states of the country, United States and Canada received the new year in Vallarta


[readon1 url="http://vallartaopina.net/2014/01/02/acuden-miles-de-personas-a-espectaculo-de-pirotecnia/"]Source: Vallarta Opina Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]