Your own personal sunset is waiting for you in Puerto Vallarta

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Portada blog Descubre INGPuerto Vallarta’s sunsets are the best natural canvas for masterpieces. When sun, sky and see get together in the Banderas Bay, magic happens. That’s why we want to celebrate them!

YOUR OWN PERSONAL SUNSET is the campaign of Puerto Vallarta that aims to highlight the attractions of this unique place.

Through a music video filmed in Conchas Chinas beach with Randy Ebright, member of one of the most famous Mexican rock bands (Molotov), we want to show the beauty and all the offer you can find in Puerto Vallarta: from the most iconic beaches and sculptures, to its rich flora and fauna, unmatched gastronomy and nightlife.

Music was specially created by Randy, inspired by all those unique moments at the light of Puerto Vallarta’s sunsets. This song is performed with his own style and getting together Mexican traditional sounds and the rhythm of drums: an ideal atmosphere to celebrate our city.


With this video, Puerto Vallarta invites all the people to live the sunset, because it’s not enough to admire it. When the sun goes down, the most special moments begin whether in a romantic getaway or a trip with friends or family, even walking alone at the Malecon: unforgettable memories that live in our hearts.

So now you know! Come to Puerto Vallarta and find out why we are celebrating our sunsets, the best of the world! They are waiting for you with all their colors and lights, ready to amaze you. Find Your Own Personal Sunset!

Click here to see the video