Zofi Zaro is in Guadalajara promoting her album " Huellas" (Footprints)

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1109450Guadalajara, jalisco (21/nov/2014).-the singer zofi zaro is at home. the mexicali native came for to first to guadalajara when she was a student. Today, converted into a female and under the path of the music, she knows that each visit to the perla tapatía is ACE to return to her homeland. "i would say that it is more than that - explains in an interview because this is the city that received me for 4 years, where i learned much of what i know in music, where i have friends."It's always exciting to be back".

Zaro will star today an autograph signing and a "showcase" at Mixup of Plaza Patria shop at 18:00 o'clock sharp. The event will be an opportunity to renew her growth and present "Footprints" (Huellas), disc that comes in a year, will defines as sowing for the future of her career.

The blonde added, " I'm very happy with how things have turned out. It has been a busy year, playing live, visit cities that I did not know, people who taught me many things. The results have been very gratifying, the team has grown, and that gives me peace, I am encouraged to continue to seek new horizons".

Proud of how the public has been received " Huellas" ("Footprints" ) she is ready to keep traveling . Quickly learned that singing career means being a little "Gypsy" and always be ready with a suitcase, something she excites. Now she feels happy, and it brings the ride back to the place she calls "home."