High School Students from Jalisco Win Robotics Championship

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robotics-championshipThe coordinator of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education (SE)​​ of the Government of Jalisco, Victor Manuel Sandoval Aranda, announced today at a press conference, the results obtained by the students on the team Neticabots 5, after participating in the tournament RoboCup 2013, held in Eindhoven, Netherlands from June 26 to 30 of this year, and where they won first place in the Super Team Competition and the ninth place among 27 participating countries.

About the students, the official said that they are a great example for all the people of Jalisco and of Mexico and of how you can work in coordination with the students, parents and teachers. It is worth recognizing, that they are young people who from the moment they signed competed with more than two thousand students, "then at national level with more than 600 international students and the fact that Italy and China have observed this speaks of the quality we have in Mexico in our youth and of the quality we can offer in our public schools. "

The young members of Neticabots 5, who represented Jalisco in our country and internationally, with excellent results, shared their experience.

Seth Treviño Valle, from the Co-ed Jr. High School 59, commented that he has attended the last two RoboCup 2012 and 2013, events among which he found a big difference, since for this one they had studied robotics for one year and three months, "there was a great difference because in RoboCup 2012 we could not win, not even a match, and in RoboCup 2013, we won four games against the great powers of robotics international ".

With this experience, he assured that for RoboCup 2014, the same team could be in one of the top three spots.

Meanwhile, Noé Alejandro Salinas Gándara from the Technical High School 116, said that when they reported that they had earned the right to represent Mexico in the Netherlands, he felt a great satisfaction and the team organized itself to give its best. "One of the most exciting moments was when we had a match against Germany in which we won 10-1, to a country which is a great technological power in the world."

For Nadia Carolina Moreno Bravo from Technical High School 116, having been chosen to represent their country abroad was a great experience because several countries won everything and had more advanced technology than they had created. "Let our example inspire other colleagues from different schools or high-schools" he said.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Lara Castillo, a student at Technical High School 116, pointed out the breakthrough that our country has in the development of technology, for example, the results obtained in the competition, "Mexico is not so bad, it is not a country in which it is worked every day to be better, that is a great lie", he said.

Finally, student Daniel Giovanni Martinez from the Center for Scientific and Technological Studies of Jalisco (CECyTEJ), anticipated that work is already being done on two projects, one on Technological Innovation and the other on Ecology, this latter one will participate in an international competition and both will apply in all CECyTEJ campuses.

He added that working this way, "I think we can go far and hopefully next year we can get to Brazil where RoboCup 2014 will take place".

The team advisor, Ulises Moya Sanchez, said that these results have a reason as students dedicated more than 300 hours of work to attend courses in their schools, and the work that they did paid off.

Students thanked the State Government and the Ministry of Education for their support to make the trip that consisted of 38 thousand 515 pesos per person to cover costs of plane, train, tournament registration, lodging and food.

In RoboCup 2013, the team Neticabots 5, from Jalisco won four of the six games played and finally managed to be placed in ninth place in the competition in which 27 teams from around the world competed.

<p>[readon1 url="http://www.prensaglobal.com/notas/50771.html"]Source: PrensaGlobal.com Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]</p>