Bus Drivers Blockaded the City for Two Hours

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No representative of the state government showed up at the site  The city was practically blocked this afternoon.

For at least two hours the blockade by bus drivers of the transportation service in Puerto Vallarta disrupted the city and forced hundreds of motorists to look for alternate routes to escape the traffic chaos. This Monday, around 40 or 50 drivers who provide the service with old buses on routes 03 Remance, 02 Ramblases and 12 Portales blocked Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue between one o'clock and three o'clock in the afternoon. With banners and placards, the group was stationed from side to side of Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, from La Vaca Argentina restaurant to the Grand Venetian development, where they were confronted by some motorists annoyed by the waste of time, although the situation did not go beyond words. THERE WERE MORE BLOCKADES However, this was not the only blockade they carried out, since the group of bus drivers, accompanied by some children, ended the blockade in front of La Vaca Argentina and Grand Venetian and went through the central lanes towards the intersection of Medina Ascencio and Prisciliano Sánchez avenues, so that no more cars could enter or leave that area when the bus drivers arrived.

This situation ended up disrupting vehicular traffic in the area, in front of the Administración Portuaria Integral (API) and Casino Life. Hundreds of motorists driving on Prisciliano Sanchez began to look for alternate exit routes and found them at the height of Colonia La Aurora, where they began to escape by driving on Universo Avenue. Once on Universo Avenue, hundreds of motorists began to leave both to Politécnico Nacional Avenue (in the Educación neighborhood) and Mexico Avenue, in the direction of the Portales neighborhood and the Unidad Municipal Administrativa (UMA), in the area of the Villas del Puerto, Jardines del Puerto and Arboledas neighborhoods. DEMAND OF THE DRIVERS The drivers demand that the Secretary of Mobility and Transportation of Jalisco let them work with the old buses and stop stopping and sanctioning them. However, the Secretary of Mobility and Transportation confirmed that UNIBUS is the only company authorized to provide public transportation services in Puerto Vallarta. It is perhaps for this reason that no representative of the state government showed up at the site.