Bus Drivers in Puerto Vallarta Blocked the Main Avenue

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Around one o'clock in the afternoon when vehicular Traffic was at it's peak.

A few moments ago bus drivers blocked the main avenue in the city. They did not do it at 7 o'clock in the morning, as they had announced since last Saturday, but around one o'clock in the afternoon of this Monday, when vehicular traffic is at its peak. The group blocked traffic from one side of Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue to the other, from La Vaca Argentina restaurant to the Grand Venetian development. The blockade caused a strong vehicular chaos, with the sun beating down and an intense heat that increased the discontent of hundreds of drivers, several of whom got out of their cars to complain to the drivers for their attitude towards the citizens. There were verbal confrontations, but they did not escalate.

According to the drivers, the purpose of the blockade was to put pressure on the state authorities of Vialidad y Transporte de Jalisco, who have persecuted them in recent months, arguing that they operate in an irregular manner. The drivers had already carried out a blockade last Saturday in the central and lateral lanes of Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, from south to north, at the height of the HSBC bank.

The group denounces the staff of the Jalisco Department of Mobility and tTransportation of maintaining a persecution against them, by detaining allegedly irregular busses that are sent to the corral and then released after payment of the respective fine. The drivers work with old buses on routes 03 Remance, 02 Ramblases and 12 Portales, on whose routes they are caught by Mobility and Transportation personnel to be detained and sanctioned. For its part, the Ministry of Mobility and Transportation of Jalisco confirmed that UNIBUS is the only company authorized to provide public transportation services in Puerto Vallarta, and will continue to pursue this group of drivers.

On the other hand, it was reported that a woman driving a pickup truck drove in the opposite direction of the central lanes of Medina Ascencio Avenue and when she reached the demonstrators she threw her car at them. The protesters tried to stop the woman by standing in front of the truck, but were unsuccessful and only caused some damage to the vehicle, which fled through the central lanes towards downtown.