Cruise Ship "Koningsdam" is Up Again

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The vessel will be berthed in the port until today to receive the port services and disembark 11 crew members and embark one more.


Puerto Vallarta received this Friday the cruise ship "Koningsdam," 299 meters long, which will be berthed at Pier 3, belonging to the Holland American Line, with no passengers-tourists on board.

It is worth mentioning that only 131 crew members will be on board for the operation and functioning of the ship. Coming from the port of Balboa, Panama, it arrived at this port at 07:00 hours, the cruise ship will be at the maritime terminal for 2 days.

Also during this time the main port services will be provided, in addition to providing support for the disembarkation of 11 crew members and the embarkation of 1 more. It should be noted that this cruise ship had already come to the port before, and was one of the main cruisers that provided support for the exchange of crew members from other cruise ships of the same line and other shipping companies to carry out the activity of "Humanitarian Bridges" in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic.

For this activity, the Integral Port Administration (API), generated the protocol of "Bridges and humanitarian arrivals," following the slogan of the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, to carry out this activity in a coordinated manner among the competent institutions of the three levels of government. This will ensure an efficient, effective and safe operation for the transfer of people in transit (cruise passengers and / or crew).


 At the moment of the arrival, authorities such as International Health, Migration, Customs and SENASICA were present, with whom the "Free Talk" was held to verify, among other things, the health of the crew. In this way, the corresponding certificates and authorizations could be issued, in order to guarantee the safety of the vessel of the port maritime community. 

The Integral Port Administration thanked all the authorities of the three levels of government for their valuable and great cooperation to carry out this activity. The cruise is scheduled to depart on the 12th of this month to the port of San Diego, California.