GAP Gives All Support To Coronavirus Fighting Strategy

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Recently, the Puerto Vallarta international airport acquired 20 FLIR T620 thermal imaging cameras, adding a total of 35 that are added to the temperature reading thermometers.

It also asked passengers to fill out a questionnaire, so they must arrive 3 hours before to the airport to international flights.

The Pacific Airport Group (GAP) provides support to the authorities for passenger screening. GAP Airports acquire furniture and equipment to face the health contingency.

Guadalajara, Jal. March 18, 2020.- The Pacific Airport Group (GAP) announces that, due to its social commitment, it is involved beyond compliance with the measures dictated by the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) and the General Directorate of Protection and Preventive Medicine in Transportation (Medprev) in the mandatory circular published this Tuesday, March 17 as: "Plan for response to a health emergency."

This circular obliges all the civil aerodromes that make up the Red National Airport to collaborate with the authorities as a joint responsibility in the face of contingency in matters of public health.

Among the activities that the circular requires from airports, is to provide a format with questions to passengers who will take a trip and request prior response to pass the inspection point, where they will be attended by trained personnel to direct you to a point or allow you to enter the Last Wait Room (SUE).

In the same way, the users who are in International Arrivals, the controls or the airports sent this format prior to passing through the Migration Modules, to be filled and delivered to the staff of the National Institute of Migration (INM), who will be the authority that decides whether to refer the passenger to the health checkpoint or allow him free passage to the country.

In addition to this support and the implementation of furniture for passenger checks, the Pacific Airport Group has recently acquired 20 additional FLIR T620 thermal imaging cameras in addition to the 15 you already had. These 35 cameras are in addition to the remote temperature reading thermometers that are used in some airports.

To obtain better results, in addition to these measures undertaken by the Group, it is recommended that passengers and the general public be aware of the following information:

a) Wash your hands frequently (when you arrive from the street, periodically during the day, after touching areas of common use, after going to the bathroom and before eating).

b) Cover the nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or with the inner corner of the elbow when coughing and sneezing.

c) Do not spit on the floor, it should be done in a disposable handkerchief and thrown away, and then hand wash.

d) Maintain adequate hygiene in the surroundings (counters, offices, meeting centers, etc.), ventilate them and allow the sun to enter as far as possible.

e) Frequently wash and / or iron scarves, gloves, coats, shawls, etc., preferably after each use.

f) Do not touch nose, mouth and eyes with dirty hands.

g) Stay at home when you have respiratory ailments and go to the doctor if any of the symptoms appear (fever> 38 ° C, cough and / or headache, accompanied by the following symptoms: muscle, joint, throat pain, thoracic, abdominal, prostration, stuffy or runny nose and / or diarrhea).

The Pacific Airport Group requests passengers to appear at the airport two hours before their flight for domestic departures and three hours for international departures, reminding users to fill out the questionnaire prior to departure and to maintain order during its verification. .

For your convience please download this Pre Flight Questionaire