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GAP Projects More Than 1500 Flights This Month

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More than 1500 flights are expected to arrive to this port during the month of April.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP) informed us that during April there will be an average of 56 daily flights, for a total of 393 per week, 9% more than last March. There will be a notable increase of national and international flights to this region from Mexico, the United States and soon Europe, which expands the catalog of airline registrations within the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. According to data provided by the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico operator of the air terminal, in April 15 airlines, 7 national and 8 international, will be flying to the region.

The projection for the rest of the month is 1,572 flights, a 9% increase over March. Frontier's Las Vegas route was restarted, with 2 weekly frequencies (Thursdays and Sundays) and a little more than 100 passengers per flight. Also, Southwest Airlines stands out, with 3 more frequencies on its Santa Ana route and Alaska Airlines, with 2 more frequencies on its Portland route, and an additional frequency on its San Francisco route. On the domestic scene, Aerolitoral/Aeromexico is expected to operate 44 flights per week to the region, 8 more than in March. Similarly, T.A.R. increased the number of frequencies to double, for a total of 32 per week.


As of this month, TUI Airways (formerly known as Thomson Airways) may resume operations on its London and Manchester routes on Wednesdays and Sundays, respectively, marking the reconnection of this region with Europe.