Hundreds of Puerto Vallarta Workers Could Be Affected.

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Bus drivers in Puerto Vallarta will block one of the main avenues of the city at 7:00 a.m. this Monday morning.

This is what has been reported so far, with the intention of affecting traffic in order to pressure the state authorities to resolve and solve a problem with the transportation units detained for irregularities, which could affect hundreds of workers of the port who work for the tourist industry, who at that time will be on their way to work, which would delay their arrival at work. These same bus drivers blocked last Saturday, an important avenue for a few minutes in the afternoon, blocking vehicular traffic from south to north in the central and lateral lanes of Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, at the height of the area of Las Glorias, in front of the HSBC bank.

The bus drivers want the authorities to release the buses that were confiscated from them and they want the personnel of the Jalisco Mobility Secretariat to hand over to them 10 buses that were detained for irregularities. Representatives of the bus drivers stated last Saturday afternoon that the 10 buses - sent to the corralón on different dates - have been recovered by their owners to continue operating with the old units on routes 03 Remance, 02 Ramblases and 12 Portales. However, they claim that they are still being harassed and continue to be annoyed, asking the staff of Movilidad Jalisco to fix their situation. The workers of this company did not say which road will be blocked this Monday, as they will decide at the last minute to avoid being repressed by the authorities.